From The Depths

by Risk

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Like a moth drawn to the flame, I'm bound to hope for a brighter day. I can't wait for my sun to shine, reaching for my piece of sky. A rising sun, a budding tree, emerge from the depths. Pushing forward in an endless maze, I need to let go of what I've kept. Kept an unbearable cross, punished by what I've lost, yesterday's pain washed away by waves of new found strength. No path can guide me, I'll carve my way. Fate won't hold my hand today. My destiny is what I choose. I see the storm yet no cold can stop me.
As the cold sets in, I'm slowly reminded that nothing could respark this flame. You can't fill the void and walk away, hoping that you've cleaned your slate. Throwing souls at every chance of salvation, I sealed my fate with my first breath. I'll plant this tree just to let it rot, and nothing could fill this hollow heart. Clear skies, I'll never see. Armeggeddon, rain down on me
I'm drenched not in the rain that falls from the skies, but its the regret that pours from my eyes. My broken body begs for death. Yet, no relief comes. The ears of gods can't hear me. To the clouds I scream. Holding on was harder than letting go. Self-inflicted torment that I'll never show. The love I've had, the love I've lost, left me all alone. When you think you've touched the bottom, you haven't even scratched the surface. My shoulders used to hold the world, now they can't hold me. These bleeding eyes haven't seen the sun in an eternity. I'm buried deep, deep within, noone can reach me. When you think you've touched the bottom, you haven't even scratched the surface. To the darkest abyss, I sink.
To the lowest depths I dive, running away from my mind. An endless loss following keeping me awake at night. Constant pain as a reminder that the past can't be repeated. Withered, broken, no lesson learned. Dragging myself into the dirt. Paradise exists within my dreams, as I relive the love that I've seen. My eyes awake to a fearful sight, my world of color, now grey and white. Yesterday repeats over and over when I try to shut my eyes. My heart turns colder and colder, as I watch all the light die. Instead of letting myself hit the bottom, the hate that I've held deep propelling.
As I rise from the lowest depths, I shed the chains I once kept. I fought the fog that led me blind, escaped the prison inside my mind. Boundless and bare, I make my way to break the grips of my mistakes. Tear the roots from the dirt of home and venture towards worlds unknown. While lost, I found my peace. Solitude brought serenity. The desert that lays in my wake, a vestige of yesterday. Torment rages out of me, no longer bound to suffering. Once I faced my deepest fears, I watched my limits dissappear. Alone.


released June 24, 2014

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Anderson at Milk Possum Studio in Woburn, Ma.
Layout done by Phil Salemi, Art by Joey Lessard


all rights reserved



Risk Billerica, Massachusetts

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